Carew II - Family and Training Centre - Inner East Belfast


Networking is an important element of the work carried out at Carew II, by a range of different staff members. We network to provide information and promote the work we do to others, and to secure information on other work within our community and opportunities for securing resources and funding. We also network at statutory level, working with people who have an influence at policy level. Networking is ideal for generation of ideas and new opportunities so we have a wide network, and attend many meetings and events outside of Carew II. I have listed the agencies we have networked with in throughout 2006-2007 in alphabetical order:

  • Ballynafeigh Community House
  • Belfast Regeneration Office
  • Community Childcare Providers Group
  • Community Workers Forum
  • Dee Street Community Centre
  • Department for Social Development
  • District Childcare Partnership
  • East Belfast D.P.P.
  • East Belfast Enterprise Park
  • Eastern Childcare Partnership
  • GBCN
  • Glentoran Football Club
  • Greenway Women’s Centre
  • Institute of Conflict Research
  • Irish Football Association Football for All
  • Mersey Street Presbyterian Church
  • Neighbourhood Renewal
  • Proteus
  • S&E Belfast Trust Community Forum
  • S&E Trust
  • S&E Trust Community Development Unit
  • Save the Children
  • Short Strand Community Centre
  • Sure Start
  • TWN
  • WEA
  • Women’s Support Network

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